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Are you looking for cleaning services in Dubai?
That’s right! Bon Bini offers cleaning services all over Dubai.
Our services are tailor-made for the clients in order to meet their preferred timings and at their convenience.
They consist of day to day regular maid service, general cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, grouting, office cleaning, boat cleaning and disinfection operations.

Also, our maids use the right products for different countertops. This procedure gives it a perfect finishing.
We are customer and detail-oriented, polite and professional!
Each maid undergoes a training program in our facility.
Furthermore, we provide stability in our working environment. At Bon Bini, we believe that everyone has the right to live, work and share a safe space!

We handle cleaning products and materials in a safe manner. We are also using the latest technology available. Therefore, we are looking forward to implement a green approach.

Since Bon Bini is all about sustainability, we are introducing on the market a green disinfectant.
One that prevents and kills any kind of viruses, bacterias and fungi. It is water-based and long lasting too!
After all, what’s better than a peace of mind when entering your healthy and clean home!

Above all, Bon Bini and its employees are fully certified, approved and insured as per UAE law.
We target the personal, local and national scale to impact the quality of life of one another.

Don’t hesitate because we will not let you down!


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