Are you looking for cleaning and sanitizing services in Dubai? Here is how Bon Bini is the best company qualified for the job!

Our professional technician fogging client’s bedroom

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, our community still faces a threat. For the safety of your employees, customers and families, Bon Bini offers cleaning and sanitizing services for businesses and residential homeowners in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.

Firstly, let me introduce our cleaning services: maid service, deep cleaning, office cleaning, boat cleaning, construction cleaning and so on. Also, we provide Sanitation and Disinfection services all over Dubai.

To begin with, our certified professionals will arrive on-site, wearing the appropriate PPE. However, before beginning with the operation, they will follow a thorough check-list regarding the steps of the operation.

Our cleaning team implements the most effective methods using Nanotechnology. Moreover, we are using the best practices to provide you with a safe and long-lasting disinfection.

Also, it includes sanitizing of horizontal surfaces and common touching points such as doorknobs, computer keyboards with microfiber cloths and our GREEN solution.

  • Fogging service, which consists of spraying the unreachable areas and furniture with our GREEN product. aa

Therefore, Bon Bini can perform sanitization services in your facility when personnel is not present, typically after standard business hours or while all employees are working remotely.

This sanitization service guarantees safety against the virus. It also helps improving our quality of life !

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